Oct. 7th, 2015 06:20 pm
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Well, today was a day.

So, I recently became head coach to the girls basketball club at the school I teach, pretty sweet since I've only been back in Japan for less than two years, teaching for just over a year. But they needed someone to coach, and as I played basketball back in the day and I'm a retired pro-athlete they came to me. Which is great! Extra pay's always nice!

Just slight problem. We barely have enough girls to make a team. I feel like this Seirin all over, just gender reversed. We even have a male manager. His sister's on the team. Though Aida was the couch, Ryuuzaki-kun is way too shy to be a couch.

Six girls; Ryuuzaki-chan is our Center, Hououji is our point guard, Shido is our small forward (reminds me of me!), Tenjou is our power forward and captain, and Kimimoto is our shooting guard. On the bench and jack of all trades is Tachibana. She's well rounded, but she doesn't shine like the other girls do. She trains so hard, so I feel bad, but she's happy enough just to be on the team.

They're all talented, and work hard, and yeah, the girls side isn't as competitive as the boys is, but we're totally the underdogs here. Our principal wants us to do our best and have fun, the school board wants us to win. And my girls are good, but they're all first years, except Tachibana who is a second year.

I've got my work cut out for me, that's for sure! Should be fun! 


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